Twitter has suspended the once-verified account of @DrJialun:

So, when do we get an explanation from Twitter on just what went on here?


A verified Twitter account with the handle of @DrJialun that was started in March 2021 and has only 84 followers is going viral right now after falsely claiming “Trump insurrectionists” attacked the Capitol today:

That, of course, was fake news but the account is still blaming former President Trump for what happened:

But there’s something else going on here. This account is “super weird” to say the least:

One of the account’s followers is Chen Weihua from the state-affiliated China Daily:

Even weirder? The LinkedIn bio (the link no longer works but we have a screenshot) from the Twitter profile makes no sense. Hospital Santa Cruz is in Brazil yet the account’s location is in the San Francisco Bay Area (and who even knows what job this “medical doctor” has):

That bio also claimed an affiliation with CNN:

It also appears that now-deleted LinkedIn bio was copied from this woman at Yale:

From her LinkedIn page:

The header photo also appears to be unrelated to his current employment and appears in multiple other places. For example:

And now for the pro-China commentary:

Over to you, Twitter. What is going on and how did this account get verified?

Screenshots for posterity:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.


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