Remember this story from earlier in the week?

Well, we’ve quickly reached the milkshake duck stage of going viral as Jensen Karp, the guy who first posted the photo alleging there were shrimp tails (and other gross things) in his cereal, has now been accused by multiple women of abuse:

It was inevitable, right?

From The Daily Dot:

By Wednesday, stories from women who claim Karp has a history of being abusive and manipulative started coming out. Actor and writer Melissa Stetten referenced a trending L.A. Times Twitter headline about Karp’s viral moment, asserting that he is a “manipulative gaslighting narcissistic ex-boyfriend who once told me he was surprised I hadn’t killed myself because my life was so worthless.” Writer Stephanie Mickus said she was previously blocked by Karp on Twitter “b/c I was not gracious enough after a surprise threesome! But not before I was told to ‘be careful or I would never work in this town again.’”

In response to Mickus’ tweet, writer Rory Uphold said: “I ended up in the hospital. Took me a year to recover mentally and I still struggle.” Elsewhere, she said Karp is “the most abusive person I have ever been with.” We’ve reached out for comment.

And it’s not just romantic partners calling him out:

There are also charges that he “ripped off Black writers’ ideas”:

As for what was actually in the cereal, we wait for an update from the now-canceled Karp: