Dems tried to get the hashtag #EndTheFilibuster trending all week and they appear to be attempting to outdo one another with stupid takes.

Here’s Rep. Eric Swalwell, for example, comparing Mitch McConnell to the container ship that’s stuck in the Suez Canal:

And we expect all these people attempting to #EndTheFilibuster would have felt differently if McConnell ended the filibuster during Trump’s presidency.

Anyway, Hollywood is now involved so expect things to get dumber. Here’s Paul Bettany, better known as Vision the flying red robot from “Avengers,” going after Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for being against the filibuster:

And Piper Perabo, best known as a bartender in “Coyote Ugly,” has a take, too:

Other Twitchy regulars weighed in as well:

But it’s not just celebrities. Brianna Westbrook, a former co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ campaign in Arizona and a member of the Democratic Socialist of America, is helping Dems get refunds after they donated to “Republican” Sen. Kyrsten Sinema:

“Make sure your cancel [your recurring donations] too!”:

Dems control the White House, the Senate and the House and they’re still not happy:

This is how they’ll get a Republican representing them in Arizona if they’re not careful: