Just to follow up on our post from last night, the New York Times is reporting that the Cuomo Bros.’ mother, Matilda, was also a beneficiary of the special treatment that saw Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly used state resources to make sure his family members had access to early COVID-19 tests in March of 2020:

Now, the timeline here is important as Gov. Cuomo reprimanded Chris for hosting their mother at his home in mid-March:

And we learned about Chris testing positive for the coronavirus on March 31, 2020:

So, what this means is that at the same time Gov. Cuomo was reportedly using state resources to test his family members, these same family members were ignoring all the guidelines at the time that said not to socialize with at-risk people, like their elderly mother:

With all of the taxpayer money getting used for this and with CNN’s apparent admission that it occurred, we expect the independent investigation into Gov. Cuomo will be quite interested in all this:



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