The Spectator’s Amber Athey reports that South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem says she’s the victim of “conservative cancel culture” over her opposition to a bill making its way through the state legislature to “promote continued fairness in women’s sports”:

We posted Noem’s defense here last week:

The email went on to reportedly say that if “conservative media would take 5 seconds to read past the knee-jerk headlines and actually understand Governor Noem’s position, they’d come to a very different realization”:

It’s a potentially fatal error to her political future, too:

This might not have been her best course of action, tbh:

And who is trying to cancel her?

It’s a policy debate!

We assume she’s talking about the criticism she’s received from Tucker Carlson. . .

. . .and The Federalist, among others:

So, should she have fought harder?

Or is it really a losing issue:

You move, governor: