The Washington Post has a new article up by Tom K. Wong, Gabriel De Roche and Jesus Rojas Venzor that argues “There’s no migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border” and “here’s the data” to prove it:

Except the data shows there’s a migrant surge at the U.S. southern border. See the blue line in *their* data for 2021? It’s above the line for previous years:

And as the Manhattan Institute’s Charles Fain Lehman points out, that gap between the two lines is the surge:

And their “pent-up demand” theory doesn’t make sense, too:

But, wait. It gets better. In a back-and-forth with Lehman, Wong is arguing that the number of migrants attempting to enter the U.S. is indeed at “historic levels,” but it’s not a surge:





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