CNN’s Oliver Darcy is very angry at Fox News for not covering an evening press conference on the horrific shooting in Boulder, Colorado:

We get it, Oliver:

And he was mad that Fox didn’t cover the second press conference, too:

And then he wrote it all up for the Reliable Sources newsletter:

Fox shows its true colors

I said the national news media was covering the mass shooting. That didn’t include Fox, which largely turned a blind eye to the horrific violence Monday night. The channel demonstrated clearly — for everyone to see once and for all — that it is primarily a right-wing talk channel, not a cable news network.

While CNN and MSNBC aired the press conferences from Boulder police, which any TV news professional with half-decent editorial judgement would do, Fox opted to stick with regular programming from its propagandists. During the first press conference, the network aired Sean Hannity showing footage of Biden stumbling on the stairs of Air Force One last week. And as Boulder police announced that 10 people had lost their lives, Laura Ingraham chatted with Dr. Scott Atlas about “THE SOCIAL DISTANCING FARCE.”

This is not the behavior of a news organization. It’s the behavior of a right-wing talk channel. And it’s really time for other media outlets to recognize this and stop pretending the channel’s primary aim is to deliver the news. Failure to call the network for what it is not only does a disservice to readers, it is simply inaccurate.

But was CNN and MSNBC’s coverage even necessary? New York Magazine’s Josef Adalian says it wasn’t:

And can Darcy please answer this question for us?

We ask because this is a recurring pattern where only some gun crimes merit national attention for some reason: