Twitchy regular Nick Searcy gave an update on Tin Horn Flats, the Burbank restaurant and saloon the city tried to shut down yesterday over alleged violations of Covid-19 regulations:

“On Day 57 of MNEWILA, a despondent Nick Searcy trudges down to the padlocked @TinhornFlats expecting to find it shuttered and silent — and instead finds that all his friends are there! And in fact, they have MULTIPLIED! WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW, COMMUNISTS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

As we reported on Wednesday, Tin Horn Flats cut off the brackets holding the padlocks put in place by the city:

And it was a packed house, too (note that this is outdoors and ventilated):

And in what’s even better news, they got an assist from the Burbank Fire and Police departments that determined the padlocks were “unsafe” and “took them “away”:

Your move, Burbank!


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