After removing its doors so the City of Burbank would have nothing to actually padlock shut, the City of Burbank padlocked the swinging saloon doors instead:

And then the locks were cut:

Your move, Burbank.


Just to update you on the Tin Horn Flats Saloon & Grill in Burbank, Calif., a court granted the city’s request to padlock the doors after the restaurant refused to comply with various court orders to shut down:

So the city cut first cut the electricity and now they’re locking the doors?

From Nick Searcy, who has been one of the restaurant’s biggest backers:

But we regret to inform the City of Burbank that you can’t padlock what doesn’t exist. In response to the latest court order, Tin Horn flats just removed their front doors entirely:

“DOORS REMOVED. Thanks to a brilliant idea in the comment section in the post before. Padlock this ???????????”

They’ve also declared themselves an “Autonomous Zone” and it’s pretty clear they won’t comply with this latest order:

Let me be VERY clear “Judge”- I will NEVER pay fines for illegal mandates and closures. My business is and always was essential. I am now declaring Tinhorn Flats an Autonomous Zone. With the money that my supporters are providing, I will hire 24 hour guards and more lawyers. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND WE WILL NOT COMPLY.”

Hell yes: