If electric cars are to be more competitive with the gasoline-powered ones we drive today, MIT Technology Review reports that this “will require a breakthrough battery” and that battery will be lithium-metal:

In other words, we’re switching our economy from one where oil is, in most places, quite easily extracted from the ground with a minimal environmental footprint to one where we need to mine the very specific metals we need from deep underground and separate the precious elements from tons and tons of useless rock:

Can proponents of the Green New Deal please tell us what’s the carbon footprint of all this new mining and what damage that will do to the planet?

The author of the essay, Frances Coppola, added to what he wrote here in exchanges with readers:

For starters, he writes that if you believe we’re in an environmental crisis, then you also need to admit “our energy use is unsustainable”:

And he agreed that “no energy is green” and that it shouldn’t be used on things like mining Bitcoin:

Well, since this isn’t likely to happen, what exactly do libs propose?