Former 2016 DNC speaker and comedian Sarah Silverman says she’s done with the Democratic party:

“It’s the absoluteness of the party I am in that is such a turnoff to me. It’s so f*cking elitist, you know, for something called progressive it allows for zero progress. It’s all or nothing, no steps toward, all or f*cking nothing. Again, righteousness porn.”


This would be the same Sarah Silverman who appeared with Al Franken at the 2016 DNC convention in order to unify the party:

And it’s the same woman who in 2012 offered to “scissor” (a sex act if you didn’t know) Sheldon Adelson if he would drop his support of Mitt Romney:

There was even a video!

Maybe she’s mad that Joe and Kamala put kids in cages?

And we expect this has a lot to do with Dems turning their back on Bernie and his comrades:

Anyway, we expect she’ll be back: