Geraldo Rivera says he’s “pondering” a run for the U.S. Senate in Ohio:

Which he tweeted to everyone from “Siesta Key, FL”:

If Ohio doesn’t work out, maybe he can primary Marco Rubio, too?

He does have a home in Cleveland so it’s not an insane possibility:

But Geraldo is 77 years old and will be 79 on election day in 2022:

But how would YOU have voted, Geraldo?

It appears he wants to run as some sort of GOP unity candidate:

And on immigration, he’s in favor of Trump approach but minus Stephen Miller:

“From the Great River to the Great Lake, I’ll fight for you”:

What’s also notable is that he has not been shy about criticizing former President Trump for his “post-election recklessness”:

And he wants Trump to apologizes for the January 6 riot at the Capitol:

Exit question: Why’s he wearing a mask while filming himself outdoors?