BuzzFeed, which recently completed its acquisition of HuffPost, announced today that it is laying off 47 employees in order to “fast-track the path to profitability” for HuffPost:

They’re reportedly closing the Canada operation and will discuss shrinking UK and Australia:

But it’s *how* BuzzFeed let these employees know that’s being criticized as well. According to GQ’s Laura Bassett, HuffPost staffers “were invited to a meeting with the password ‘spring is here'” and then told if “they didn’t receive an email by 1” they still had a job:

Bassett went on to call this “cruel and psychotic and ridiculous”:

Well, at least BuzzFeed didn’t put the layoff notice in listicle form:

As in, “spring cleaning”?

BuzzFeed is also being criticized for firing international workers with visas:

It’s not a good look, that’s for sure: