As we told you earlier, an amendment to the Covid-19 relief bill that would have overridden the parliamentarian to include the inclusion of the $15 minimum wage failed when 8 Democrats joined every Republican to vote it down:

But it’s the way that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona voted no that has libs furious. Check out her little dance:

Libs, go get her! Sawyer Hackett is a senior advisor to Julian Castro:

She’s “taunting” the working class, even:

And the always-wrong Rex Chapman compared her to Sen. John McCain:

What’s fun is that Mark Kelly, who voted in the GOP primary in 2012, voted for the bill and Sinema, a former Green Party member, voted against it:

It’s been quite a ride:

And it doesn’t look like Sinema is going to live this one down anytime soon:

This will hurt her in a primary, if that happens that is:

Libs aren’t buying her statement explaining her vote:

When you lost the Women’s March. . .

Even funnier? She brought cake to give out to Senate floor staff who worked late last night:

But now this is being called her Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” moment:

We’re also seeing that she votes like this all the time but we’re not sure that will change anyone’s mind who is mad at her for today’s vote: