You know all the times print journos complain about low wages? Yeah. About that. . .

There’s a video going viral from TikTok of a man and a woman in a $183,000 Porsche and the driver is asked what he does for a living. He responds that he’s a journalist and the woman next to him clarifies that he’s an “ex-managing editor of the LA Times.” Have a watch:

We haven’t seen the driver officially identified yet, but Los Angeles Times journos are weighing in. Kelcie Pegher notes that “there’s a reason they used to call the LAT the velvet coffin”:

And Hector Becerra joked that he owns “a Lambo”:


And Seema Mehta wondered if maybe the woman was the one with the cash in the relationship:

But, we’re being told, this isn’t how most journos live (well, duh):

Well, maybe journos are driving Hondas because all the suits are driving Porsches?

Or, at the very least, it pays to be an ex-Los Angeles time executive:



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