Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the case for a $15 minimum wage by citing Denmark and how much McDonald’s workers make per hour in the tiny Scandinavian nation:

Except, there is no minimum wage in Denmark:

And prices are higher for everything in the country because of tariffs and a value-added tax:

Snopes even pointed this out to the Queens socialist in its fact-check of her claim:

While McDonald’s workers in Denmark truly make more than $20 an hour, and receive several weeks of paid vacation, there is some important context to note here. The most notable difference is that the wages paid at Danish McDonald’s were not determined by the country’s minimum wage. In fact, Denmark does not have a nationwide minimum wage. Rather, the country has a robust union presence and issues such as wages and vacation time are often decided via collective bargaining.

It’s also really weird how Denmark is not a model for the U.S. on things like Syrian migrants:

And we’ll point out that Denmark’s size means that it’s not a good fit for comparison anyway:

Because, we can have McDonald’s workers make $22 an hour in America, but get ready for the robot revolution:


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