NBC reports that a “number of migrants seeking asylum and released by Border Patrol have tested positive to Covid-19 tests in Brownsville, Texas” and that “some plan to continue their journey to other cities and states”:

In case you were wondering, the word to describe this is “superspreader.” From Sen. Tom Cotton:

And it’s reminiscent of what Gov. Andrew Cuomo did in NY early on in the pandemic. From Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green:

“Who could have seen this coming?”:

For the record, the Whtie House has been asked about this scenario in the past but dodged the question:

And we eagerly await Dems to use this sort of inflammatory rhetoric but directed at President Biden. Releasing Covid-19 positive migrants into Texas is a “death warrant,” too, right Beto?

And doesn’t this “endanger so many people, especially essential workers & the vulnerable,” AOC?

And don’t even get us started with what’s going on on airlines:


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