We’re learning more about Desing Foundry, the Maryland-based firm behind the “Nazi” stage at this year’s CPAC. They’re saying they “had no idea” that the stage resembled a Nazi symbol:

CPAC, however, is canceling its relationship with the company and will not use it for future events:

A CPAC spokesperson said, “ACU and CPAC have no interest in promoting antisemitism from our stage, whether it’s what happens on the stage or the design of the stage itself”:

But there’s another wrinkle not reported by the Forward. Design Foundry, apparently, is a pro-Biden firm with many liberal employees:

Good job, all around. The woke mob ended up hurting a liberal company and CPAC, whose last conference was titled “Uncancel America,” will no longer work with the company because of the fake outrage:

The people hurt are the workers, of course:

Over to you, woke mob. Time to apologize:


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