Vox founder and current NYT columnist Ezra Klein called out NYC-based media as well as CNN for ignoring governors that got the response better than NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“There were better governors and better state policies but the media is based in New York and NYC was a disaster so Cuomo’s news conferences got media attention no other governor could touch,” he tweeted:

Klein went on to write that “Cuomo wasn’t the right protagonist for this story”:

CNN’s role in all of this really needs to be highlighted as a big main reason for the governor’s national popularity:

And, to Klein’s credit, Vox did point this out back then:

But, to be clear, Vox didn’t go after Cuomo in that article:

And it was quite obvious at the time that Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio were slow to respond:

So, maybe skip the victory lap?


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