Ahead of tonight’s Golden Globes awards, the Los Angeles Times got ahold of internal emails from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — “the group behind the Golden Globes — that blows the whistle on the group’s ongoing issue with diversity:

The “voting body is facing criticism over the fact that it does not a single Black member”:

And, apparently, they’ve been lying about it:

And they knew not to discuss this in emails as those might one day become public. Like now:

Yet, even with all these stars demanding changes, none have happened:

So, why haven’t the Golden Globes themselves been targeted yet? Why do all of these allegedly woke stars put up with it? This is WAY WORSE than anything Gina Carano might have said or done, yet she’s the one canceled while this charade goes on and on.

Anyway, tune in tonight! We’ll be covering the — well, whatever it is with Covid and all: