Former President Donald Trump was greeted by a large number of supporters as his motorcade made its way to CPAC in Orlando:

Yes, he was a little late by the audience did not seem to mind at all:

Highlights from the speech:

On Rush Limbaugh:

He also confirmed he will not be starting a new party:

On Joe Biden (with an emphasis on immigration):

And “China virus” is back:

He also teased a possible run in 2024:

Some of his biggest cheers were on getting kids back in school:

On vaccines:

On President Biden and negotiations:

On Energy:

On women in sports:

On China:

On the future of the GOP:

Defining Trumpism:

On the 2020 election:

On election reform:

On big tech:

And he went OFF on Republicans who’ve spoken out against him and/or voted for his impeachment:

The crowd booed at the mention of Mitch McConnell:

But he was pretty diplomatic, actually:

On the power of his endorsement:

On the 2020 election (again):

And he ended with another tease on 2024:


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