The World Economic Forum (the group that puts on the big Davos conference every year) has deleted a video that argued “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.” This improvement, however, was related to noise levels in cities and totally ignored the financial and mental pain these same lockdowns caused:

“Lockdowns aren’t ‘quietly improving cities'” they later tweeted:

You know, cities “are not meant to be quiet” in the first place:

The new tweet that says lockdowns are “an important party of the public health response” needs to be examined, too:

Because the risk here is when the next pandemic hits, these “experts” just do the same thing and ignore all of the effects of the lockdown:

They’re still very pro-lockdown:

“They love it” even:

But, as we’re seeing in Florida vs. say California, these lockdowns are “evil” and are not leading to better outcomes:

Please don’t give them any ideas:

And, in summary, this: