White House chief of state Ron Klain joined MSNBC’s Joy Reid for a “hot seat” interview Wednesday night where she was going to ask him specifically about Sen. Joe Manchin’s “shenanigans” in holding up OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden:

But we’re not sure it went the way Reid and libs hoped it would’ve gone. He said the White House is still “fighting our guts out” to get her confirmed. . .

. . .but he also said that Sen. Manchin “doesn’t answer to us at the White House”:

And he respects “Joe Manchin’s right to cast these votes as an independent-minded Senator”:

If her nomination fails, team Biden will put her in a role that doesn’t require Senate approval:

But he also signaled that they will cave on the $15 per hour minimum wage if the Senate parliamentarian says it can’t be part of the budget reconciliation bill:

This will anger Sen. Bernie Sanders and others:

So you’re saying Bernie doesn’t understand math?

Yeah, we’d agree with that.