Guys, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says there is “no compelling substantive argument against the minimum wage,” and “it’s very very popular politically” But, the reason it doest pass is because “[c]apital doesn’t like it: that’s it. That’s the story, here”:

On the other hand. . .

“This is the most dishonest thing you’ve tweeted this week and that’s saying a lot”

And his first part is “completely false”:

Pot, meet kettle?

And we point you to the CBO report:

Senators Romney and Cotton settled on a $10 per hour minimum wage because the CBO report found that wouldn’t “kill jobs”:

Now, the argument from libs is that they just don’t believe the CBO report:

But even if the CBO report is true and it does kill 1.4 million jobs, Hayes says there’s still a “pretty strong argument for it”:

So, maybe take your fingers out of your ears?

It’s a pattern: