In one of the more bizarre moments from last week, Rudy Giuliani recounted a “funny story” while on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast that he thought the audience would like to know about Rush Limbaugh. In the story that left Bannon visibly cringing, Rudy talked about a time he and Rush were golfing with professional golfer Michelle Wie and he joked about seeing her “panties” when she bent over to putt. Have a watch:

You can see by Bannon’s reaction that he was not happy with where this went:

Eric Greitens’ face, too:

The two were paired with Wie at a charity tournament hosted by Ernie Els in Palm Beach in 2014:

Note, this was the same year Wie won the U.S. Open and, um, celebrated with the trophy:

Why did Rudy think this would be a good way to remember Rush? This tweet was much better:

Wie responded, blasting the former mayor for “smiling to my face and complimenting me on my game while objectifying me and referencing my ‘panties’ behind my back all day”:

Apparently, she changed her putting stance during the year which is what Rudy may have been commenting on. Photo from 2014:

The USGA piled on for good measure:

Yeah, it was a creepy joke, but the LPGA actually instituted a new dress code in 2017 to eliminate the short skirts:

Wie’s reaction back then:

You know, maybe she’s being just a tad hypocritical about all of this?