There’s about to be a major fight in the Senate over whether or not the $15 minimum wage can get passed as part of the massive Covid-19 relief bill released on Friday through the budget reconcilation process or not.

The thread from NBC News’ Sahil Kapur breaks it down:

First up, the $15 provision IS in the House bill but President Biden doesn’t think it will survive the Senate parliamentarian under the Byrd rule:

But Senators Bernie Sander and Chuck Schumer think it should be allowed:

Now, here’s where Vice President Kamala Harris comes in. She CAN overrule the nonpartisan parliamentarian and it would then take 60 votes to overrule her:

This is the reconciliation “nuclear” option:

This idea was floated before by Sen. Ted Cruz in 2017:

This would also put the president and vice president at odds:

But who knows. President Biden has hopes so high anything could happen:

To be continued. . .