House Dems released their 591-page Covid-relief bill on Friday. . .

. . .and here’s @Oilfield_Rando breaking it down as he’s done in the past:

$300,000,000 for the WHO? Sure, why not:

Debt relief for “socially disadvantaged” farmer and ranchers:

And a billion dollars to reach out to them:

$25 million for the Secretary of Agriculture to modernize its equipment:

Ka-ching for the teacher unions!

And “almost $40 BILLION more for universities”:

Why do they need $91 million for “outreach to student loan borrowers”?

More pork for the Department of Education:

A hundred million here, a hundred million there starts to add up:

How is this related at all to Covid relief?

And here’s the minimum wage language:

They’re going after the tipped wage, too:


This one might make sense?

$15 billion for Child Care and Development block grants:

$4.5 billion to help with utility bills:

And nearly a billion for whatever this agency does:

Narrator: No, in fact, Dems were not kidding:

Just don’t let Dr. Fauci anywhere near this project:

$750 million going overseas:

A well-earned bourbon!

And he’s back:

What’s another $100 million? Just add it to the pile:

$50 million for “environmental justice” iniatives:

More details on this one, please:

And on this one, too:

Hey, it costs a lot of money to spend this much money:

Critical Race Theory is “taking over everything”:


Who’s ready for even more money for airlines?

The blue-state bailout is in here, too:

And, please, take a moment to think about the poor federal workers:

More money for admin costs:

Again, shouldn’t this money go directly to the unemployed people?

At least it’s only $1.5 million:

OF COURSE, Dems put this in there:

$30 billion in Federal Transit Administration grants:

$8 billion for airports:

$3 billion for airplane manufacturers:


And regular people get $1400:

“DC is straight trash”: