Dr. Anthony Fauci, who previously praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus response, is suddenly tight-lipped after allegations that his administration purposely hid data on the nursing home deaths:

Twitchy favorite Janice Dean called him a “coward” over his silence and she’s 100% correct:

“Suddenly he has nothing to say”:

And, actually, Gov. Cuomo wouldn’t be in this mess if he had taken this advice, too:

Flashback: Remember in December when the two Italians were goofing with each other and comparing themselves to Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino?

Yeah, “no comment” doesn’t really cut it, especially now that Gov. Cuomo is reportedly under FBI investigation:

What’s even funnier about the Pacino-DeNiro shtick is that Dr. Fauci was just yessing the governor during it, too:

Imagine if Time had made either one of them the Person of the Year?

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