The extreme cold, snow and ice blanketing Texas left up to 4.3 million without power in the state, which is more than what happened in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Laura, Katrina and Sandy COMBINED:

Only Hurricane Irma with 7.5 million people without power is greater “weather hit to US electricity on record” (keep in mind, resources for Irma were pre-positioned to deal with power outages):

Almost a million other Americans are without power, too:

We shared Joe Bastardi’s tweets warning everyone that this was going to happen on February 11. Why didn’t the media take it more seriously?

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state organization that controls the entire grid for Texas, thought they were prepared. They were not:

Today will be another brutal day:

One of the issues is that there is “virtually no wind” to drive the turbines:

Some tweets have tried to blame the power outages on frozen turbines, but the main driver appears to be offline fossil-fuel plants:

Oil prices have surged as the cold hit refinery plants in the state:

And the next shoe to drop will be higher electricity prices for consumers: