After all that happened yesterday with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the name “Cuomo” was mentioned a total of one time on “Cuomo Primetime” last night and that was when Chris introduced himself to the audience during the handover from Anderson Cooper:

At least Anderson Cooper covered it:

But we would like to see a chyron with “Chris Cuomo admits mistakes,” like when he brought that giant novelty swab on air to make fun of his brother’s large nose:

And in last night’s Reliable Sources newsletter, Brian Stelter gave Gov. Cuomo a pass as well:

The “void” problem

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that his administration “should have spent more time” focusing on requests for data about pandemic deaths, because “the void we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism and cynicism and conspiracy theories which furthered the confusion.” Overall, though, he defended the decision to delay releasing data about deaths at long-term care facilities, as CNN’s Lauren del Valle and Eric Levenson reported here…

>> “The truth is everybody did everything they could,” Cuomo said…

> Albany TV anchor Anne McCloy tweeted: “Something to think about — Cuomo did prioritize getting out a lot of data on COVID, just not on nursing home deaths. He presented COVID data every day for months…”

Do better, CNN.