As we told you last week, Tom Brady took a little heat after he got drunk during the Super Bowl victory boat parade in Tampa and threw the Lombardi Trophy across the water into the hands of a teammate on another boat. ICYMI, here it is again:

And this brings us to Lorraine Grohs, the daughter of the guy who designed the trophy originally, saying that Brady owes her family an apology for his drunken antics:

According to the story, she’s losing sleep over what went down:


Read the whole story here:

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve met the “Queen Karen”:

And this is making Tom Brady more likable, even to his haters:

Did she get mad when Rob Gronkowski dented it?

Oh, and wait until she sees what Gronk did to the trophy this year:


And whatever you do, don’t tell her about what happens to the Stanley Cup each season:

Compared to hockey players, the Lombardi Trophy was treated well:

RIP fun:


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