Just to follow up on this post from earlier in the week where Gad Saad absolutely roasted Seth Rogan on his professed love of Socialism. . .

. . . ICYMI, this was the money tweet:

Saad then thought the back-and-forth with the Hollywood “fraud” would make a good article for Psychology Today, where he’s been a contributor for 2008. And it WAS a good article! It was one of the most popular on the site in roughly 30 minutes,” that is, before the publication pulled it “without ANY explanations”:

Saad wrote on Facebook that they objected to him calling Rogen and the ruling class as a “hypocritical fraud” and “vacuous parasitic virtue-signalers.”

“They are coming for you”:

He replied back, “This is truly disappointing” and “this is truly unacceptable”:

How cowardly of them: