Former Rep. Barbara Comstock said on Twitter yesterday that it “sounds like a good idea” if Rep. Matt Gaetz resigned his seat to join the defense team at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

“If @RepMattGaetz is his attorney it could mean more Republican votes for conviction,” she tweeted:

And earlier in the day she said that politicians like Gaetz are “killing” the Republican party:

She also retweeted this insult after the failed resolution last night to boot Liz Cheney as conference chair (It’s funny how they call out Trump for insults but then copy that same behavior):

Gaetz fired back, reminding everyone that she’s a “former” congresswoman and he’d taker her comments more seriously “if she wasn’t so proficient at losing elections”:

He does have a point on this:

“Go back to K street and leave the governing to those of us who win elections”:

Although the GOP is really going to need to find a way to win again in places like Comstock’s old district. She got killed in the anti-GOP wave in 2018:

The district is still safely blue with Rep. Wexton winning re-election in 2020 56.5-43.4 over GOP challenger Aliscia Andrews.


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