Just to follow up on the rumor we told you about on Sunday that the Florida Democratic Party let their health insurance lapse due to a lack of payment. . .

. . .it’s now been confirmed by Politico’s Matt Dixon, leaving staffers “f***ing livid” and some with thousands in bills:

Sure, we should put Dems in charge of all our health care. What could go wrong?

Manny Diaz, who was recently sworn in as party chair, vowed all the claims will be paid:

What’s worse is that these staffers didn’t find out from party leaders but from the insurance company:

Apparently, it was a mix-up of some sort and there was a “delay in the check being applied” because health insurance companies are notorious for not cashing premium checks?

Anyway, the next time Dems say Florida could be a blue state, please remember this. Lol:



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