A new report out by New York Attorney General Letitia James says that the actual number of deaths at nursing homes and care facilities in the state “may be 50% higher than Gov. Andrew Cuomo has told the public”:

According to James, “the state only counted deaths at the actual facilities, rather than including deaths of residents who were transferred to a hospital and died there”:

And “[i]n one instance, an unnamed facility reported 11 confirmed and presumed deaths to the Health Department as happening on site through early August. The attorney general’s survey of that same facility, however, found 40 deaths, including 27 at the home and 13 in hospitals”:

Nobody is actually shocked by this though:

And we look forward to the media figuring out a way to turn this on Florida somehow:

Gov. Cuomo should give back the Emmy, too:

Sen. Cruz wants to know if CNN (over to you, Chris Cumo and your giant novelty swab) “will cover this dilligently”:

And should Gov. Cuomo be worried about criminal charges?

Yes. Yes he should.

From Rep. Elise Stefanik: