Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini is under fire from the National Women’s Hockey League and others because she — get this — was trying to bring attention to the sport of women’s hockey through the sports media company she runs:

At issue is that many libs absolutely despise Barstool founder Dave Portnoy and because of that hate, they want to keep Nardini — a hockey lover — from promoting the league. Nardini then called these folks out in this video from her podcast account:

TBH, we didn’t even know the league existed until this controversy erupted. Why wouldn’t they want Barstool promoting it?

But the NWHL was mad at that video above and they released this statement condemning it:

Nardini does have her supporters, however:

Anyway, this brings us to Vice who wrote up what’s going on and, in the process, slimed Portnoy:

Here’s the excerpt in the vice article Portnoy is objecting to, and rightfully so:

On Tuesday night, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tweeted a video riddled with inaccuracies and mocking the devastating, career-ending injury suffered by Denna Laing in the league’s first season of the league in 2015. (The NWHL honors Laing every year with an award, and her number is retired by the Boston Pride.) Portnoy also expressed a desire for Tinker—who wrote “WE, as a league do not want support from ANY openly racist platform” in a tweet in which she accused Barstool of promoting white supremacy—to be jailed.

The problem Vice has is Portnoy and Barstool actually did a fundraiser after “the devastating, career-ending injury suffered by Denna Laing” and in no way did he ever mock her:

Portnoy later asked if he should sue Vice over the article:

Maris Ingemi, the writer of the Vice hit-piece, has since locked down her Twitter account:

These facts matter and Vice never even mentioned it:

The NWHL also defended Ingemi in all of this:

And here’s what Vice took to be mocking. As you can see and hear for yourself, it’s not at all like it’s bein portrayed:

Man, what a PR fail for the NWHL. Just apologize: