Their rules. . .

President Joe Biden has redecorated the Oval Office and it now includes portraits of some of America’s most prominent slaveholders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton:

Thomas Jefferson is so toxic to Democrat politicians around the country that they were forced to rename their annual Jefferson-Jackson dinners:

Of note, President Biden is also honoring America’s most anti-immigrant president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who put American citizens of Japanese ancestry into internment camps during WWII:

A portrait of Ben Franklin, who also personally owned slaves as well as profited from the sale of slave-trading advertising in his newspaper, will stand watch over the president’s left shoulder as he governs the nation:

Also included in the redesign is a bust of Robert F. Kennedy, former Attorney General of the U.S. under his brother’s administration, which is a possible signal that President Biden is not afraid of using his position of power to benefit his family members:

He is keeping the Resolute desk, however, last used by President Donald Trump: