Negotiations are still ongoing for a power-sharing agreement in the Senate but Dems are balking at Mitch McConnell’s desire to protect the legislative filibuster:

And because there’s no power-sharing agreement in place, Republicans still control the committees who are now meeting to confirm President Biden’s cabinet nominees:

It’s a 50/50 tie. . .

. . .and the organizing rule can be filibustered:

Libs are pushing for (eventual) Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to nuke the filibuster:

Sen. Dick Durbin told NBC’s Garret Haake this morning that Dems won’t agree to Sen. McConnell’s plan because it would just encourage “unbridled use of” the filibuster:

And this needs a fact check. Remind us again which party fits the phrase, “unbridled use of the filibuster”? Via @NRSC Senior Advisor Matt Whitlock: 

They want new rules now that they’re in charge and we say “no way.”