Just to follow up on the story we told you about yesterday, why is this inaccurate viral tweet from CNN’s Jim Sciutto still up? It has 25,000+ likes, and counting:

It’s the inaccurate line about “fake inaugural credentials” that had people terrified. But here’s what really happened, from what we posted on Saturday:

Sciutto did tweet out an update, but it has nowhere near the reach of his tweet with the bogus information:

The right thing to do is to delete the viral tweet, which Jerry Dunleavy suggested:

And for suggesting this, Sciutto blocked him:

And while we’re at it, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer should delete his tweet with the wrong info, too:

It’s the same issue as with Sciutto, although not as viral. 7000+ likes for the fake news, around 600 for the clarification: