A new video has surfaced of the takeover of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, and “man, this is hard to watch.”

Via Caleb Hull: “This video appears to show a police officer being dragged down the stairs face down while Trump supporters beat him to a pulp, even using American flags.”

This appears to be a screenshot from the video where you can see the officer down:

“. . .there are definitely people trying to help the officer in the video, but it’s also clear that others are doing the opposite”:

We’re still waiting for an ID of the officer:

We also have more information on Officer Eugene Goodman, the officer seen leading Trump supporters up a staircase in the Senate building:

It’s now believed that Goodman was leading the rioters *away* from an open door that led where Senators were located:

In a screenshot from the video, you can actually see Officer Goodman check on the open room before leading the Trump supporters the other way:

The word for this is “hero”:


Members of the USCP honored fallen office Brian Sicknick during a ceremony on Sunday. His death remains under investigation:

Sadly, a second USCP officer — Howard Liebengood — died on Sunday while he was off duty:

It’s been reported that he took his own life:

Awful. Just, awful.