With Congress set to meet this afternoon and officially count the Electoral College votes, President Trump is making one last effort to get Vice President Mike Pence to delay things in the hope that state legislatures will act and send a competing set of electors to Congress:

And he did appear to acknowledge the projected losses of Senators Perdue and Loeffler in yesterday’s runoff elections in Georgia, tweeting “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, OUR COUNTRY, NEEDS THE PRESIDENCY MORE THAN EVER BEFORE – THE POWER OF THE VETO. STAY STRONG!”:

Eric Trump also put pressure on members of Congress to support his father and threatened to personally support primary challengers for those who don’t “stand up against this fraud”:

He said the same thing during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show:

So, does this mean someone like Sen. Tim Scott will get a primary challenge as it sure sounds like he’s not going to challenge the state results:

There are also reports that Republicans aligned with (future Minority Leader?) Mitch McConnell are out for blood:

And “fissures are forming”:

We’re still waiting for official results from Georgia, but these “fissures” look to be happening at the state level, too: