GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas — a former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz — is challenging the seating of members from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as those are the states President Trump is challenging over claims of voter fraud, irregularities and unconstitutional elections:

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky explained the move, tweeting that congressmen who challenge the outcome of the vote on January 6 will be on record saying their own election was valid:

Rep. Roy released a statement earlier in the day saying the only “job of Congress is to count the electors that states sent to Congress, not determine electors states should have sent” and “to do otherwise will destroy a foundation of our federal republic”:

This is a “sideswipe” at the plan initially put forward by Rep. Mo Brooks:

We expect they’ll still challenge the vote on Wednesday, however:

And there’s already some chatter about a primary challenge for Rep. Roy:

But let’s see if that ever gets off the ground because he’s a true conservative:

As for a primary challenge, Rep. Roy appears to welcome it:

Full statement here:



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