President Trump went on the attack against South Dakota Republican John Thune, tweeting that he’s “Mitch’s boy” and that “he will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”:

This is likely in response to comments Sen. Thune has been making over the past few days throwing ice-cold water on plan put forward by some House Republicans to challenge the electoral college results on January 6.

Sen. Thune said the challenges, “would go down like a shot dog”:

And he’s hoping Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville won’t join the House Republicans which would force a vote on any state’s challenged results:

So, will any Republican defend Sen. Thune?

Answer: YES.

Here’s Governor and fellow South Dakotan Kristi Noem calling Sen. Thune “a friend of mine” and saying she will no be challenging him in 2022:

Based on the “rock star” response she received at the TPUSA conference just a few days ago. . .

. . .we expect a move to D.C. may be in her future, just not as a Senator: