Rep. Thomas Massie blasted the “5500+ page covid-relief-omnibus bill,” tweeting that “it should have been separated into at least 24 bills”:

Thomas Massie blasts the 5500+ page relief-omnibus bill, nukes Covid-19 security theater in the process

The bill, however, passed:

Rep. Massie noted that the $600 in relief ads up to “6 gallons and 1 quart” of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite ice cream:

These bills should never have been combined like this:

Even better, however, Rep. Massie exposed the Covid-19 security theater as members all flew back to D.C. for the bill but then they social distance on the floor “because the plane flight isn’t on CSPAN”:

Like how Covid-19 social distance guidelines are suspended while in flight, the 72-hour rule gets suspended on this bill:

But Rep. Tulsi Gabbard wants everyone to know she’s on Rep. Massie’s side here:

“Mad respect for you Tulsi”:

It appears there’s some sort of new Congressional caucus forming. We have no idea what to call it, but more of this, please: