Sen. Lindsey Graham was one of the 91 Senators who voted in favor of the 5500+ page combination Covid-19 relief and omnibus spending bill with $900 billion set aside for Americans in need:

The Covid-19 relief was paired with the spending bill as a year-end 2-for-1 special:

And it’s the $1.4 trillion spending bill that, as we told you yesterday, is sending millions to Pakistan for gender programs that’s an issue:

But it’s not an issue to Sen. Lindsey Graham. He defended the foreign aid in an appearance on Fox News this morning:

So, for the past four years, Sen. Graham has talked a good game about “America First” but when push comes to shove, nothing:

There are so many Americans hurting because of the lockdowns Sen. Graham and other Republicans — including the Trump administration — put in place:

Congress is so damn broken:

Enough is enough:

And tell us where she’s wrong?