As thousands of small-business owners deal with the latest lockdown in New York City, there’s one “essential” business that seems to be allowed to operate without any need to practice social-distancing, wear masks, etc.

“Saturday Night Live,” why are you so special?

Donald Trump Jr. adds, “The elite take care of their friends and you get to suffer”:

Masks and social distancing are for suckers!

But don’t worry. Covid can’t spread if it’s a “triumphant” return or something:

This is OK but you can’t have indoor dining?

Did Dua Lipa fly in from London for this?


Just last night we told you how Dr. Birx feels she doesn’t need to follow Covid guidelines. They’re all hypocrites:

Note that the reason they get away with this is a loophole where they pay the live audience to attend:

Maybe on Christmas, we can just watch SNL castmembers hug instead of hugging our own family?