So, this photo of a new tower in Las Vegas is starting to go viral for some strange reason. . .

Apparently, it’s a real project in development. From their website:

Bleutech Park’s  mixed-use environment (Live-Learn-Work-Play) features “Sustainable Living”- a cluster of net zero carbon footprint workforce residences. The Park will be home to Ultra-Luxury residential towers, Hotel, Offices (reimagining workspaces of the future), Retail and the tallest Entertainment Tower, redefining the skyline of Las Vegas. Bleutech Park will introduce a new biome to the desert valley as vertical gardens, powered by kinetic energy from footfall, overall contributing to a new sustainable and diversified ecosystem for Las Vegas.

The new tower is being described as “banana-shaped”:

Yeah, that’s not a banana:

It does look like a very happy building:

But it’s definitely not a banana:

We would like to meet the designer, however:

Because that is one awesome looking. . .boot:

And, yes, if does need a fountain on the top, than you very much:


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