Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is under fire after the local CBS News affiliate aired bodycam footage from a raid in 2019 where Chicago cops broke down the door of the wrong house and handcuffed an innocent naked woman while refusing to let her cover herself as she protested their actions:

And the mayor’s law department has been trying to keep the public from seeing the graphic footage:

Not only that, but her lawyers want the victim to be sanctioned for giving the footage to the media:

Oh, the story gets worse. The guy they were looking for had an electronic monitoring device on at the time and they should have known he wasn’t at this wrong house to begin with:

Lori Lightfoot, enjoy your time in the spotlight:

Now, if Mayor Lightfoot were a Republican, every Dem in America would be calling for her resignation RIGHT NOW:

She is in charge of things:

Now, let’s see just how long this outrage lasts: