Did you happen to catch the end of the LSU-Florida game on Saturday? If not, you missed one of the single dumbest penalties in the history of college football.

To set the stage, 8-1 Florida was hoping to put an injury-depleted 3-5 LSU away, setting up next Saturday’s big matchup in the SEC title game against Alabama. LSU, however, had other plans and played Florida tough all game but it looked like the Gators had the upper hand after stopping LSU on 3rd down late in the 4th quarter. That is, until Florida DB Marco Wilson threw an LSU player’s shoe after the stop, earning a 15-yard penalty and new life for the Tigers in the process:

LSU then kicked a 57-yard field go which ended up being the game-winner:

And now Florida is likely to miss the playoffs:

That dopey mistake had people comparing it to another infamous shoe-throwing incident. Remember when an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at then-President George W. Bush?

And because it’s 2020, let’s find out what that journo, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, thought of it, shall we?

His reaction:

Well, he’s no longer the world’s most famous shoe-thrower, that’s for sure.