Attorney General Bill Barr reportedly called President Trump a “deposed king ranting” in response to an interview the president gave on Saturday where he said the attorney general “should have stepped up” and announced that the DOJ was indeed investigating Hunter Biden before the election:

Watch the clip here:

The president has said this before:

And Jeanine Pirro piled on as well, calling Barr the “ultimate do-nothing deep stater”:

But according to law professor Jonathan Turley, anything Barr said then would have damaged ongoing investigations:

The president’s criticism of his attorney general comes as the Electoral College is set to meet tomorrow and cast its votes for president:

And ahead of that vote, President Trump is arguing that the “VOTES CANNOT BE CERTIFIED” and that “THIS ELECTION IS UNDER PROTEST!”:

Yeah, a criminal prosecution doesn’t seem likely with the ongoing Barr-Trump feud taking place:

Stay tuned for tomorrow . . .